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28 September 2021

District stakeholders roll up their sleeves to address young women and girls’ SRH, HIV and GBV issues in KwaZulu-Natal

After a year of holding virtual meetings, due to the Covid- 19 pandemic, district stakeholders came together around the same table in a memorable face-to- face District Coordination Meeting on 28... Read more

27 September 2021

Rural community in KwaZulu-Natal stands up against forced and early marriages

The National Strategic Plan on GBV and Femicide indicates that the practice of Ukutwhala (early and forced marriages) is linked to violence against... Read more

2 September 2021
Press Release

Supporting vulnerable young women is a collective effort

Supporting vulnerable adolescent girls and young women: A collective effort By Dr. Agathe Lawson, Representative UNFPA South Africa, Ms. Christine Muhigana, Representative, UNICEF South Africa... Read more

11 July 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic may have lasting consequences for the population

The COVID-19 pandemic may have lasting consequences for the population. For some, it has led some to postponing childbearing. For others, disruptions... Read more

11 July 2021

How COVID-19 has increased fertility, adolescent pregnancy and maternal deaths in East and Southern African countries

Young people are able to access [sexual and reproductive health] services but not as much as they used to before the lockdown,” said Kondelwani... Read more

27 May 2021

Men edge closer towards healing the nation: “Reinforcing the narrative against GBVF”.

The Eastern Cape (EC) Men’s Movement heeded the call by the National Legislature to establish a Men’s Forum to tackle Gender Based Violence and Femicide (GBVF) and other social-ills. The... Read more

25 May 2021

Moving the needle forward for menstrual health requires multi-sectoral partnerships

Significant progress had been made in achieving menstrual health globally, and South Africa is a key player in this regard

11 May 2021

Menstruation and human rights - Frequently asked questions

How is menstruation related to human rights? When does menstruation start? What are common myths and taboos about menstruation? What is period... Read more

5 May 2021

Global shortage of 900,000 midwives threatens women’s lives and health, new report shows

“A 35-year-old pregnant woman came to our clinic with abdominal pain,” recalled Hawrin Yousif, a midwife in the Khazir displacement camp in the... Read more

4 May 2021

Symposium to take stock of progress on menstrual health in Africa

Around 5000 participants from Africa and worldwide are expected to track progress on menstrual health on the continent since the Call to Action was... Read more