8 Billion Strong: A world of infinite possibilities
A world of 8 billion people is a world of infinite possibilities. See what this milestone for humanity means for both people and the planet: #8BillionStrong
Press Release
The global population is set to reach 8 billion on 15 November 2022. The Statistician-General of South Africa, Mr Risenga Maluleke, and the Representative for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Dr Bannet Ndyanabangi, will jointly commemorate the World at 8 Billion at a media briefing to be held on Tuesday, 15 November 2022 in Pretoria.
Sifa, 19, from Quissanga in Mozambique.
Girls’ sheer resilience in the face of adversity is cause for celebration this International Day of The Girl Child. While East and Southern Africa has seen significant progress in strengthening girls and young women’s sexual and reproductive health, they remain vulnerable to child marriage, teen pregnancy, GBV and HIV. 

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