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18 January 2019

Youth voices: Acting to end the stigma of homelessness and menstruation in Africa

Imagine, on a day when you had your period, if you had to choose between buying food or pads. What would your priority be? This difficult decision is a reality for homeless women each and every month.

1 March 2018

UNFPA Deputy Executive Director, Ms Laura Londen engages young people from loveLife

As the UNFPA delegation drove into loveLife eMalahleni Y-Centre on 28 February 2018 the place was buzzing with activity, with more than 30 young people doing outdoor aerobics, while others were playing netball and others football. Eloquently briefing Ms. Londen on the Y-Centre and the services it offers to young people, Mr

14 February 2018

Unintended Pregnancy can set in motion a lifetime of missed opportunities – UNFPA ED and UN Youth Envoy address 8th ACSHR Opening Ceremony

The 8th African Conference on Sexual Health and Rights (ACSHR) provided an opportunity for dialogue between youth and policymakers, and a channel for interrogating the role international organisations and civil society groups can play in advancing sexual and reproductive health (SRH) and exploring what more needs to be done.

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